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Kamis, 11 Maret 2010


i cannot be somebody else 

if i can live without her 
girl you know i love you so 

i want to feel the same 
if i have to live with another girl 
thats why i cant let you go 

i could understand 
what can i do for you? 
you are the most beautiful girl that i know 

why can understand 
what i can do for them 
we have to find a miracle 

i want to be a superman 
but you know really who i am 
we can do it for to long 

show me the way for me 
as you want me to be a gentleman 
take me down and you will find


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Kadang kala, jalan yang sedang kita lalui, tidak sepenting arah yang kita tuju...

marilah semangat menjalani hidup ^^

terima kasih sudah kasih komentar nya \m/

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