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Minggu, 04 April 2010


When we know that we have to lose something
Try to remember about we've been through
Wishing that we'll make it
And it will be ended

It's all about its killing me
And it will always be a part of this life
When we know will be ended
It's all about its killing me
And it will always be a part of this life
But let this song reminds our memories

Our hearts stop beating our minds stop thinking
I've wasted more time dreaming...when it all comes crashing...
Cause we will never made it
So lets make this make this worth it and get paid for what we did
Maybe we should try to get this fuckin done
But how can we save it,so let's make this letter

This is not the end...

We did everything together
This is what always reminds me
Don't let everything go through just like than
And just let the time end it

Our hearts shown in this song..
This is a letter about fucking the last
And we don't want
Any regret about our mistake

We have tried our best
And we'll always keep on doing our best
We've already started it
And we'll finish it until the end
With all any reasons,i couldn't say
That will be last..

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2 komentar:

  1. coolllss

    killing me

  2. emang keren nii laguu

    sipp lahh

    keep metall !!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Kadang kala, jalan yang sedang kita lalui, tidak sepenting arah yang kita tuju...

marilah semangat menjalani hidup ^^

terima kasih sudah kasih komentar nya \m/

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