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Jumat, 09 April 2010


In my mind already falling down to you again
coz everytime i close my eyes i always seeing you

why you so far and i can't explain
what it's going on between two of us

and everynite i always dream of you
that i'm just to late for you to get

maybe i'm not the one and i'm not perfect enough for you
at least i can try
let me heal your heart and let me fill your heart
for all these days...for all these days

dont you go away i'm just wanna says
i felt with your mind
can't you feel the same 
when i call your name

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Kadang kala, jalan yang sedang kita lalui, tidak sepenting arah yang kita tuju...

marilah semangat menjalani hidup ^^

terima kasih sudah kasih komentar nya \m/

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