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Rabu, 28 Juli 2010


Area: Hutan Rembulan Level 31 - 35

(tekan Ctrl F untuk memudahkan anda mencari rare item )

Name: Wild Red Bear
Drops: Ruby Piece, High Quality Leather Glove, Merciless One's Leather Armor (Rare), Elvan leather gloves, Elvan leather Armor(lv.25), Harmel, Animal Leather Piece, Skull Crasher, Low Hp Pot(100), Flamberge, Bear leather belt (Rare), Silent Forest's leather long boots(lv.34), Nature's Energy leather long boots(lv.34)

Name: Orcs
Drops: Plate Gauntlet, Plate Boots, Aquamarine Gem, Cotton Piece, Low Hp Pot(100),Merciless One's leather glove(lv.34), Fighter Combat mid-armor(lv.34), Bear's Bone Breaker

Name: Lava Golems
Drops: Plate Gauntlet, Iron Nugget, Harmel, Iron Mold-Axe, Seed-luminous flower, Salvation Combat Boots, Furious Storm Leather long boots(lv.34), Guardian's combat mid armor(lv.34 Rare), Fighter's Combat Gauntlet

Name: Giant Eyebat
Drops:Animal Leather, Cotton Piece, Divine Robe(lv.30), Seed lv.2-flower of crystal,Silent Forester's glove(lv.34), Strong Leather pattern-glove, Silent Forester's armor(lv.34), Bear's Bone Breaker, Water God's Shoes(lv.34), Fairy Feather,energy's leather armor (Rare), Wand of Faith(lv.30)

Name: Gargoyles
Drops: Low Hp Pot(100), Copper nugget, Life Stone Piece, Iron Ore, Great Hammer(lv.30), Destruction Spell's gloves(lv.34), Plate armor(lv.30), Fighter's combat mid armor(lv.34 Rare)Elephant's Great hammer, Guardian's Combat Gauntlets, Nature's energy leather glove(lv.34)


Kaires (red bear boss); Health: 6351 - lvl 34
Drops: Rabbit's Leather Helmet, ruby piece, Wiesel, argentum piece, Bearleather Gloves, Deer's Crystal Staff, Sword Breaker, Scout Bow, Crystal Staff, Fox's Sword Breaker, Crocodile's Scout Bow

Mirias (gargoyle boss); Health: 7267 - lvl 37
Drops: Parrot's Leather Helmet, emerald piece, Accesswell, lighting strike crystal piece, Hard Stone Wing Armor, Elephant's War Hammer, Rapier, Tabar, War Hammer,Crocodile's Rapier, Crocodile's Tabar

Doita (lava golem boss); Health: 7387 - lvl 38
Drops: Bear's Hard Leather Helmet, ruby piece, Harmel, Litheon piece, Coyote's Cursed Wand, Ring of the Burning Flames, Stiletto, Cursed Wand, Crocodile's War Sword, Crocodile's Stiletto

Area: Rawa Rembulan Level 35 - 40

Name: Furious Orc
Drops: low physical strength HP potion, Litheon piece, wool piece, cotton piece, Tabar, War Hammer, Rapier, Steel Gauntlets, Fighter's Combat Boots, Furious Storm's Leather Gloves, Destruction Spell's Shoes

Name: Orc Archer
Drops: low physical strength HP potion, Arcwand, iron ingot, iron mold: bow, Strengthened Long Bow, High Quality Hard Leather Armor, spirit of the Earth: Moon blind Swamp, High Quality Hard Leather Gloves, Wild Beast's Leather Long Boots,Furious Storm's Leather Armor, Merciless One's Leather Long Boots, Water God's Robe

Name: Stripe Lizardman
Drops: ruby, iron ore, iron mold: dagger, Battle Hammer, Destruction Spell's Robe,Absolute One's Shoes, Shoes of the Light, Point of the Sword, Lizardman Costume Mask(7 hari), Lizardman Costume Body(7 hari), Lizardman Costume Gloves(7 hari), Lizardman Costume Boots(7 hari)

Name: Cursed Lizardman
Drops: moonstone piece, animal leather piece, strong leather pattern: boots, Robe of the Light, Water God's Gloves, Absolute One's Robe, Red Fly, Point of the Sword, Lizardman Costume Mask(7 hari), Lizardman Costume Body(7 hari), Lizardman Costume Gloves(7 hari), Lizardman Costume Boots(7 hari)
Name: Lamia
Drops:physical strength HP potion, wind crystal piece, animal leather piece, strong leather pattern: armor, Aesthetic Leather Gloves, Harmel, Robe of Blind faith, Fox's Scout Bow, Truth Seeker's Shoes, Golden Gloves, Gloves of Blind faith, Crocodile's Scout Bow. !BOSSES!

Paika (orc archer boss); Health: 7506 - lvl 39
Drops: Bear's Hard Leather Helmet, emerald piece, Harmel, fairy's feather, Wind Chasing, Fox's Battle Mace, War Sword, Large Battle Ax, Mace for Battle, Crocodile's War Sword, Elephant's Large Battle Ax

Kuanoi (furious orc boss); Health: 8239 - lvl 40
Drops: Rabbit's Leather Helmet, ruby piece, Wiesel, wind crystal piece, Berserker's Grinder Hammer, Crocodile's Giant Hammer, [I have a potty mouth] Sword, War Pick, Giant Hammer, Elephant's [I have a potty mouth] Sword, Fox's War Speak

Draka (furious lizardman boss); Health: 8529 - lvl 42
Drops: Parrot's Leather Helmet, sapphire piece, Accesswell, Orichalcum piece, Cursed Fingernail, Coyote's Cursed Wand, Fox's Stiletto, Crocodile's Battle Bow, Lizardman Costume Mask(7days), Lizardman Costume Body(7days), Lizardman Costume Gloves(7days), Lizardman Costume Boots(7days)

Timat (lamia boss); Health: 8701 - lvl 43
Drops: Cat's Hard Leather Helmet, aquamarine piece, Wiesel, wind crystal piece,Slippery Snake Scale Boots, Fox's Kris, Battle Ax, Cabbage Slasher, Kris, Elephant's Battle Ax, Crocodile's Cabbage Sword

Area: Pos Luar Red Orc Level 41 - 45

Name: Shaman Orc
Drops: physical strength HP potion, moonstone, wool piece, wool cloth pattern: shoes, Coyote's Cursed Wand, Truth Seeker's Robe, Dark Boots, Gloves of the Swift,Shoes of Blind faith, Truth Seeker's Gloves, Demon Skull Shield, Monster of the integers - Lv 60

Name: Orcish Warrior
Drops: physical strength HP potion, Orichalcum, iron ore, copper ingot, Crocodile's [I have a potty mouth] Sword, War Pick, Giant Hammer, Commander's Protective Boots,Commander's Combat Heavy Armor, North Wind's Leather Gloves, Monster of the integers - Lv 60

Name: Predator gargoyles
Drops: Wiesel, fairy's feather, iron ore, iron mold: mace, Crocodile's Stiletto, Battle Bow, Coyote's Magic Leather Long Boots, Elephant's Stiletto, North Wind's Leather Armor, Furious Leather Long Boots, Abundance Leather Gloves, Guardian's Shoes

Name: Harpy
Drops: physical strength HP potion, fairy's feather, wool cloth, Wiesel, Fox's Battle Bow, Dark Gloves, Wind Curtain's Leather Armor, Sharp Wind's Leather Long Boots, Dark Robe, Wind Curtain's Leather Long Boots, Furious Leather Gloves. !BOSSES!

Huuga (orc warrior boss); Health: 8874 - lvl 44
Drops: Cat's Hard Leather Helmet, ruby piece, Wiesel, moonstone piece, Bloody Howler, Crocodile's Heavy Bone Club, Damascus, Battle Ax, Heavy Bone Club,Elephant's Damascus, Fox's Battle Ax

Orc Patriarch; Health: 13487 - lvl 45
Drops: opal, Durelin piece, mithril ingot, moonlight assence, Battle Ax, Magical Bronze Armor, Monkey's Mithril Leather Armor, Mithril Robe, Commander's Protective Gauntlets, Commander's Combat Boots, Commander's Holy Gauntlets, Monster of the integers - Lv 60

Baraku (orc shaman boss); Health: 9771 - lvl 45
Drops: emerald piece, Harmel, Durelin piece, Dark Magician's Wand, Fox's War Grinder, Cabbage Slasher, Savage Ax, War Grinder, Elephant's Cabbage Slasher,Elephant's Savage Ax

Kiyoma (harpy boss); Health: 9944 - lvl 46
Drops: emerald piece, Harmel fairy's feather, Kiyoma's Feathered Horn Bow,Crocodile's Sentinel Bow, Damascus, War Grinder, Sentinel Bow, Elephant's Damascus, Fox's War Grinder

Railers (pred. gargoyle boss); Health: 10116 - lvl 47
Drops: emerald piece, Accesswell, Orichalcum piece, Deer's Philosopher's Wand, Dirty Predator's Trap, Savage Ax, Philosopher's Wand, Fox's Heavy Bone Club, Crocodile's Savage Ax

Karunnga (big axe orc boss); Health: 10289 - lvl 48
Drops: ruby piece, Accesswell, argentum piece, Battle Terminator of the Tribe's Great Leader, Deer's Unicorn Horn, Assassin Knife, Assert Bow, Unicorn Horn,Elephant's Assassin Knife, Crocodile's Assert Bow

Area: Gerbang Jurang Raungan Level 46 - 50

Name: Basilisk
Drops: Leather, enchant scroll: weapon 40-79, opal, animal leather, Fox's Magic Leather Armor , Furious Leather Armor , Fox's Magic Leather Gloves , seed[Lv 3]: fierce flower of the beast, Abundance Leather Long Boots , Guardian's Gloves , Wind Curtain's Leather Gloves , Holyove

Name: Red Harpy
Drops: physical strength HP potion, fairy's feather, angel wings feather, Hellfire Bringer , Sentinel Bow, Fox's Kris , Guardian's Robe , Mithril Boots, Shoes of the Swift, Mithril Gloves, Sharp Wind's Leather Armor , Commander's Holy Boots 

Name: Griffon
Drops: fairy's feather, animal leather piece, angel wings feather, Mithril Leather Armor, Fox's Mithril Leather Armor , Mithril Leather Gloves, Coyote's Mithril Leather Gloves , Sharp Wind's Leather Gloves, North Wind's Leather Long Boots (GREEN),Abundance Leather Armor , Coyote's Unicorn Horn 
Name: Giants
Drops: physical strength HP potion, Durelin piece, mithril ore, copper ingot,Elephant's Cabbage Slasher, Savage Ax, War Grinder, Mithril Plate Boots,Commander's Combat Gauntlets , Commander's Protective Heavy Armor , Robe of the Swift , Crocodile's Cabbage Sword 

Name: Abandoned Giants
Drops: Wild Cat's Leather Long Boots , Durelin, Mana Storm's Gloves , copper ingot,Crocodile's Cabbage Sword, Savage Ax, Forbidden Spell's Robe , Mithril Plate Boots, Mithril Gauntlets, Damned One's Circlet , AncientMagical Power Circlet , seed[Lv 3]: luminous flower of the crystal


Kokatris (basilisk boss); Health: 10462 - Lvl 49
Drops: opal piece, Wiesel, moonstone piece, Deadly Poisoned Wedge , Fox's War Mace , Curtana, Commander Ax, War Mace, Crocodile's Curtana , Elephant's Commander Ax 

Jenev (red feather harpy boss); Health: 11415 - Lvl 50
Drops: ruby piece, Harmel, Durelin piece, Charming Flame's Robe , Elephant's Splinter Hammer , Great Sword, Ax of Despair, Splinter Hammer, Fox's Great Sword ,Crocodile's Ax of Despair

Piori (gryphon boss); Health: 11587 - Lvl 51
Drops: emerald piece, Wiesel, Litheon piece, Gorge Wing's Blade , Fox's Assassin Knife , Curtana, Great Sword, Assassin Knife, Elephant's Curtana , Fox's Great Sword 

Adum (giant boss); Health: 11760 - Lvl 52
Drops: sapphire piece, Accesswell, argentum piece, AncientMagical Power Robe ,Crocodile's War Mace , Assassin Knife, Ax of Despair, War Mace, Elephant's Assassin Knife , Fox's Ax of Despair.Ogre's Claw

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